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реферат на тему: Business at work

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the objectives pursued by a business tend to vary according to its size, ownership and legal structure. Figure 1.1 illustrates the interrelationship between a companys mission statement and its objectives. Figure 1.1: The hierarchy of objectives

The goals pursued by any business can be separated into primary and secondary objectives. · Primary objectives are those that must be achieved if the business is to survive and be successful. These relate to issues such as profit levels and market share. · Secondary objectives tend to measure the efficiency of the organisation. They may affect the chances of success, but only in the long term. Examples include administrative efficiency and labour turnover rates. Profit maximisation. Profit maximisation one of the most important objective for companies which are owned by shareholders. Profit, at is simplest, refers to the extent to which revenues exceed costs, so profit maximisation occurs when the difference between sales revenue and total cost is greatest.

Survival. Survival is an important objective for many businesses. It is particularly important when businesses are vulnerable such as: · during their first few years of trading · during periods of recession or intense competition · at a time of crisis such as a hostile takeover. Most recently established businesses have survival as an objective.

Increasing sales or market share. Growth increases the scale of a business, resulting in higher levels of output and more sales. Many businesses pursue growth strategies because their managers believe that this is essential for survival. If a firm grows, it might be able to attract more customers, earn higher profits and begin to establish itself in the market. Growth offers: · increased returns for the owners of the business · higher salaries for employees of the business · a wider range of products for the businesss existing and potential customers. Growth can be important target for managers. It is increasingly common for managers pay packages to be a combination of shares and salary.

Providing social or community service. A number of organisations provide services to the community. These organisations are part of the public sector they are managed, directly or indirectly, on behalf of the government yet they are a form of business. Their overriding objective is to provide the best positive service to the local community.

Charitable and non-profit objectives. Charities have a high profile in the UK. Charities have a number of clear objectives: · to rise the publics awareness of the cause that thy support. · To rise funds to support their projects. Charities trade with the intention of earning as much revenue as possible to spend on their particular causes.

Producing high quality products. Just as many businesses seek to provide high quality service, a large number of businesses also have the provision of high quality product as an important objective. Acquiring reputation for top quality can allow businesses to charge a premium price and to enjoy higher profits. Reputations for supplying quality products are jealously guarded.

Tesco is committed to retaining its position as the UKs largest supermarket retailer. Customer feedback forms, in-store discussion groups and a continuous analysis of sales figures has enabled Tesco to recognise the importance of the key principles of price, quality and service. The company
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owes its success to its emphasis on meeting changing customer needs through service and innovation, while maintaining its commitment to value and quality. Underlying its business success is a commitment to upholding certain values and working and working principles and seeking continuous improvement in its ethical performance. Companies are part of the society in which they operate and must take note of the interests and concerns of many different groups. For Tesco these includes its customers, its stuff, its shareholders, its suppliers and people in the local communities close to its stores and in the world beyond. Each group has expectations of the company which Tesco has to meet and manage if it is to maintain its position as a leading and successful retailer. Tesco must serve its customers by providing the goods they want and the service they expect. By meeting customers needs better than its competitors, Tesco earns profits and creates value for its shareholders. Tesco, like other large companies, however, recognises that its wider reputation depends on other things such as its stuff relations, its attitude to the environment, its support to the community, and its relationships with suppliers. Also as a leading food retailer, the company must ensure that its provides products which are safe to eat or use, as well as giving customers advice on matters such as healthy diets.

Tescos main business objectives:

· to provide customers with outstanding, naturally delivered, personal service · to earn the respect of its stuff for the values and appreciate their contribution · to understand customers better than anyone · to be competitive even on the basics · give customers a broad range of strong relevant promotions in all departments of the store · give customers what they want under one roof · provide an environment that is easy and pleasant to shop in · upgrade existing stores to the standards that is expected from Tesco · to recognise Tesco has brilliant people, use this strength to make customers shopping enjoyable in a way no competitor can · use intelligence, scale and technology to deliver unbeatable value to customers in everything Tesco does · to maximise profits to provide high returns for shareholders · to increase sales or market share as much as possible · advertising should appeal to all customers in a relevant

Tescos main mission statements: · To be worlds best and largest supermarket retailer. · Completely increase value for customers, and to earn their time loyalty.

How Tesco is going to achieve these objectives? What Tesco expects from its staff in order to achieve this? Tesco staff: · Are all retailers, working as a one team. · Trust and respect each other. · Respect all customers, the community, suppliers and the competition. · Strive for personal excellence in everything they do, leaving no stone unturned in order to get it right. · Are encouraged to take risks, give support and do not blame others. · Are rewarded for creating value for customers. · Are talked and listened to: and their knowledge is shared, so that it can be used. · Have fun, celebrate success and learn from failure.

What is the comment Tesco has to its customers? Tesco customers want the best possible value for their money. Tesco is determined to offer its customers quality products, good service, attractive stores and low prices. To meet this aims, Tesco: · works closely with

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